Features - Pharmacy

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  • Respond to drug availability queries

    After prescription by doctors, patients can place an order about the availability of the drugs which in turn helps in easy procurement of medicines.

  • Statistical tool to analyse drug sales

    The system generates an automatic report of all drugs sold. This report can be used to stock medicines in a more logical manner. This helps in better stocking-up drugs.

  • Physician interactions

    Based on the feedback of the status of drug availability by pharmacy, physician can prescribe the mostly available drugs to patient with similar diagnosis so that pharmacy has more sales of drugs from it's shop.

  • Billing

    Maintains the billing per medicine requested in patient prescription. It also provides the summary and statistics for pharmacy billing.

  • Online Prescription Order and Refill order

    Prescription can be ordered online to any pharmacy and they can track the refilling of same prescription and patient medications.

  • Pharmacy Drug Inventories

    OHMS provides shared storage of drugs by their specification name and brand name. Pharmacies can refer those drugs and keep their drug stock by adding their numbers and expiry date etc. Whenever any drug is dispensed according to prescriptions, stock automatically gets updated. When stock reaches pre-configured lower limit, it shows alert so that pharmacy can add further stock.