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  • Online Appointment booking and rescheduling with doctors

    Patients can request to schedule appointments with doctors using this unique software. This means no more calling or waiting in long queues to get appointments. Patient can view doctor's monthly and weekly appointment's schedule and plan his/her schedule accordingly.

  • Online drug availability checking

    Patients can check availability of drugs at various pharmacists and choose a shop of their convenience to procure medicines.

  • Online appointments for lab and radiology along with receiving of test reports

    Patients can also book appointments with clinics and radiologists which helps in getting tests done in a very short time.

  • Online checking for bed availability in hospitals and request for emergency services

    Patients can check availability of beds in various hospitals and request emergency services in case of an emergency.

  • Online report and medical history maintenance

    No more headaches of maintaining medical files and test reports and no hassle of carrying it to the doctor on every visit as the system automatically maintains a record which is visible only to the relevant doctor and the patient.

  • Collaboration with Physician

    Patients through OHMS can post followup queries and clarification about prescriptions and other precautions. Physician will send replies and further offline communication takes place between them. All these messages can be referred later when needed

  • Remote Diagnosis And Treatment

    Patients can choose physician from the OHMS and start process of remote diagnosis by sending the complaint record. Physician can in turn suggest treatment and prescription after patient attaches all lab report and other previous history scanned

  • SMS reminders for appointments

    The system sends an automated SMS informing him/her about the appointments on timely basis.

  • Service Ticket for any services to doctors, hospitals, labs

    Patient can raise through it's portal ticket for services like emergency, consultations, health checkup, hospital admission, lab tests, medications order and refill via healthcare delivery agent registered through OHMS cloud.