Features - Diagnostic Labs

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  • Laboratory Information System (LIS)

    This facilitates a wide variety of laboratory workflow models. This supports disciplines like hematology, chemistry, immunology, pathology, anatomical pathology and microbiology. It supports features like patient check in, lab test order, specimen processing, results entry or upload to the system, reporting etc.

  • Fast and secure means to obtain and deliver orders

    Doctor and patients can send order requests for getting tests done. Once tests are conducted, reports can be uploaded and sent to the respective doctors and patients immediately.

  • Patient Management

    Every test order needs patient registration. This feature manages the patient whose tests are to be conducted and billing maintained. The tests which are referred by physician through OHMS collaboration has already got patient registered by the physician.

  • Scheduling of patient's sample collection

    Labs can schedule the date of sample collection to patient. Patient in turn can collaborate with labs to confirm the final date of test. This helps Lab to track all pathology and radiology test schedules.

  • Report and analysis tool

    System generates an automatic report of various tests done viewing which one can gain useful knowledge about the test order for a given time and use it to further enhance it.

  • Cost effective as this Software helps save paper and print costs

    This software comes at a very low price and in addition saves procuring paper and printing costs making this software a best for business deal.

  • Billing

    Lab can record the billing of each pathology and radiology test ordered. They can maintain the financial statistics of business.

  • Payment Management

    Records payments against each test for a given patient. It also tracks any advance payment and due payment left.

  • Lab Test Referral management

    The tests which are referred by external physician maintains the referring physician. The referring physicians are managed by lab and referral commission is also maintained and fully settled with them

  • Radiology films image gallery

    The image (PACS) content can be securely uploaded to and downloaded from this application service. These images can be collaborated among physician and radiologist (RIS) remotely for detailed diagnosis of the patient.