Features - Insurance Payer

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  • Insurance Claims Management and Tracking
    Insurance Payer can track all the patient's hospitalisation claims submitted by provider (hospitals). The life cycle of the claims are managed through OHMS workflow till settlement. This reduces the time spent in claims resubmission and loss of payment and delay in settlement

  • Patient Pre-authorization and Verification
    Insurance payer can verify the pre-authorization check requested by provider before patient procedure can take place

  • Patient billing insurance and claim processing
    OHMS allows the care provider to generate the patient's insurance claim in a few clicks. The claim is generated from the in-patient records such as patient admission, billing, discharge, other diagnosis and procedure records. Through the system, provider can send patient's insurance details to payer or TPA for verification. This helps claim's settlement in much quicker and seamless way. Payer and Provider can collaborate on patient claims items so easily that whole processing becomes complete paperless, smooth and faster.