Features - Hospital

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  • Hospital FrontDesk Administration

    Hospital FrontDesk user helps initial patient registration, admission, patient query and other quick information management portal operation.

  • Hospital IPD Management

    Manages Patient OPD transfer admission, referral admission and emergency admission to IPD. It records all procedure associated with patient during IPD

  • Hospital Ambulatory Care Management

    Manages Patient OPD visit, and patient EMR. It also manages OPD billing.

  • Hospital OT Management

    Manages OT Scheduling and optimization of OT usage by planning the OT much before the allocation of it to patient.

  • Diagnostic Lab and Pharmacy Management

    Collaborates with Diagnostic lab and pharmacy for patient lab test requirement and quick diagnosis. It interacts with in-house pharmacy for quick and timely medications management and recording all status in the system for future medications management of patient

  • Hospital Warehouse and Inventory Management

    Manages hospitals miscellaneous stores, depot, pharmacy store and their items, their stock and procurement. It provides management of item requisition and stock issue to other departments against them. It also manages internal products with tags and categories, tracks incoming and outgoing shipments against their purchase orders. It maintains exact inventory of items, their stock cards and auto-reorder. Hospital administration can monitor and track each and every transactions related to goods movement and their inventory using this module.

  • Bed Management System

    The system automatically shows availability and occupancy of beds in a hospital. Bed allocation can be done using this software making the tedious task of doing so using any other methods simple and intelligent.

  • Patient Admission Discharge Transfer Management

    The system allows patient care or nurse to manage complete workflow of patient admission, transfer and discharge. Every patient is associated with a given Bed that can be tracked in bed management dashboard. Consulting physician, patient care and patient can collaborate each other on patient current status, etc.

  • Round the clock tracking of patient progress, activity

    This system helps to monitor every minute progress of a patient for greater care and transparency. Patient activity and feedback status can be fed by Nurse. This helps consulting physician to monitor the patient status and suggest new diagnosis, prescribe medications and treatment remotely over web from anywhere and any device like mobile or IPad etc. The physician can cater multiple critical patients without being present with all patients at the same time.

  • Patient billing management system

    This system generates bills for the hospital against each item or procedure. There is only one Billing record with all items according to the date and price. It also provides live access to patient's kin to know the total billing amount and this helps patient's kin to arrange finance for the billing much before the patient is discharged.

  • Patient billing insurance and claim processing

    OHMS allows the care provider to generate the patient's insurance claim in a few clicks. The claim is generated from the in-patient records such as patient admission, billing, discharge, other diagnosis and procedure records. Through the system, provider can send patient's insurance details to payer or TPA for verification. This helps claim's settlement in much quicker and seamless way. Payer and Provider can collaborate on patient claims items so easily that whole processing becomes complete paperless, smooth and faster.