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  • Appointment and schedule management

    Online booking, scheduling and rescheduling of patient appointments can be done using this software.

  • Physician Practice management

    Doctors can follow-up their patient previous records in a click and save precious time. All the patient history i.e medical history, lab reports and diagnosis is stored date wise, doctors can view it at a glance at any point of time.

  • Physician Revenue Cycle Management

    This covers patient registration, scheduling, adding insurance details, insurance verification, benefits authorization, medical record and procedure coding, charge capture, billing generation, posting claims and adjudications, settlement, patient's collection.

  • ePrescription

    Doctors can fill the patient prescriptions and medications electronically, eliminating the risk of incorrectly filled prescriptions due to manual errors. Drug interaction is checked at the time of prescribing.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    • Encrypted userid and password
    • Auto logout after certain idle time
    • Role based access privileges
    • Audit log of user activity
    • User Login session monitoring
    • Regular Data backup

  • Viewing of Patients radiology and lab test reports online

    Lab reports can be viewed online using this software. Life is made easy for the patients who often tend to forget carrying lab reports and other important documents while visiting.

  • Anytime access and usage of all services

    OHMS server is up and running 24 X 7. Doctors can login to the system and check vital life saving information whenever and wherever.

  • Discreet powers to see, modify and delete respective user data

    Only a doctor can view, edit and delete record related to their respective patients.

  • Medical data security and back-up

    Patient records and other e-contents are stored in database in encrypted format. The system offers data backup for any kind of system failure and disaster. The database and all other servers always work in failover and disaster recovery mode.

  • Mobile access

    OHMS can be accessed from mobile phone. OHMS can push contents like appointment notifications, quick prescription, clinical lab test etc to the registered user.

  • Remote Diagnosis with patient

    Doctor can prescribe remotely to the patient cases where all the patient details, lab reports are uploaded to system.

  • Patient Status monitoring through messages and discussion forum

    Patient can interact with doctors remotely regarding any queries and clarifications within the doctor's minimum consultation period. The doctor can observe the patient reaction to certain drugs and treatment.

  • Custom Form Template for Patient Records

    The doctor can customize any patient record template as per his/her need.

  • Customization of Practice Management(PM) Features by choice

    The doctor can enable/disable any particular PM features by selecting those from feature choices. In the next login session, disabled features will not be visible in the view.

  • Online Calender

    The doctor can manage events like patient recurring visit or paediatric immunizations using calender. It gets calender alert through e-mail and SMS. The same alert can notify the related patient also.

  • Drug Tracking and Management