Features - Healthcare Delivery Agent

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  • Appropriate selection of best healthcare

    Patient can not always find and select the appropriate physician, lab, hospitals, pharmacy for their exact requirements. OHMS Healthcare delivery agent has a vast network of best physicians, hospitals, labs and pharmacy to help satisfy each and every requirements of patient with least cost. Delivery agent does not charge anything to patients for the service.

  • Complete Patient Healthcare Service Delivery

    Single point of contact (OHMS Delivery Agent) who can cater the basic healthcare requirements for patient far away or aged ones. There are mainly two types of it. One is medical service and another Non-Medical service. OHMS can fulfill only Medical services by using its IT framework and system. OHMS will act as IT backbone for all medical/healthcare services offered via Delivery Agent. Delivery Agent is the central planning and execution entity.

  • Workflow/Operations of Healthcare Delivery Agent

    • Patient registration through Web based portal of OHMS or by Agent Call center representative.

    • Patient requests for services like appointment to doctorís visit, health checkup to hospital or diagnostic lab, online order/delivery of prescription and medicine. These service tickets are created by Agent or patient portal into OHMS.

    • Service tickets are resolved by selecting appropriate doctors, hospitals, lab, pharmacy based on criterion like same locality, patient's scheduled date, lower cost of provider and above all exact service providers.

    • OHMS Delivery Agent creates appointments to one of the registered doctors, hospitals or diagnostic lab for each service tickets. The status of service tickets already allocated can be tracked by agent, patients. It is assumed that OHMS Agent has already registered doctors of different specialties, pathology lab, radiologist, pharmacy, hospitals in OHMS.

    • OHMS Agent mediates among all these users as long as patient requests for service are concerned.

    • OHMS Agent provides all the doctors, labs, pharmacies and hospitals a login/password to keep necessary Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR) in OHMS. OHMS agent also gives patient a unique login/password to check his/her own EMR from anywhere through internet.

    • OHMS Agent can enter patient EMR data that includes Visit note, diagnosis and medication record on behalf of doctors. Patient entire EMR can be handled by Agent call center so that patient can access through it's portal. Agent can add or update patient lab tests as well as all in-patient details including discharge details etc.

    • Doctor makes visit to aged patients and keeps diagnosis/prescription record in the system. OHMS agent then can either manually forward the diagnosis record to pathologist/radiologist or make automatic rules to send these to them without their intervention. This helps pathologist/radiologist to finish the lab test and upload report through OHMS so that doctor and patient can see that from anywhere.

    • Similarly, OHMS agent can send the prescription (Rx) to different registered pharmacies so that medicines can be delivered to aged patientís house.

    • OHMS provides the unique patient portal to interact with doctors about his/her queries and clarification from his/her own place. The Registered doctor can provide suggestions and solutions through dedicated blog messaging interface in OHMS that helps keep all patient transaction history too.

    • OHMS also provides all hospital care through dedicated hospital user login. OHMS Agent will register a couple of hospitals who will provide services.

    • OHMS Agent also helps immediate provision of emergency request for ambulance, blood, hospital emergency admission etc.

    • OHMS Agent also allows to arrange medical equipment at home. This is kind of custom feature to be built in OHMS based on exact requirement.

    • OHMS Agent also allows to arrange for patient hospital claims management with provider/payers.

    • The hard copy of all patient reports can be generated from OHMS software and sent to patient if requested.