The Mission

To provide infrastructure or Software As A Service Platform to perform any and all kinds of healthcare operations by doctors, patients, clinic, hospitals, pharmacy in very integrated and collaborative manner so that quality patient care is delivered in the most cost effective way.

Our Business

The history of patient care and diagnosis has not been taken place in very technological manner into which IT software system could play a significant role. The proposed online healthcare management system will bring fundamental changes as far as medical community is concerned. Patient can be diagnosed by any doctor from anywhere in this planet by referring the old records from the OHMS. The integrated workflow starting from patient appointments scheduling to doctor diagnosis, investigation to clinic examination and doctor review, patient prescription/medications can be easily achieved through OHMS.

Our Goals

The team out here has got the specialised skills and knowledge in healthcare domain, medical terminology and medical science and IT. The is an example of perfect amalgamation of IT and medical science to converge a common solution that will benefit todays healthcare society including hospitals, doctors, patients, clinic, lab technician, pharmacy, drug vendor.

There are more than 1000 users including doctors, clinics, patients who are using this product all over the world.