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Why OHMS ?

Provides multifold benefits and cost effectiveness over other vendors in eHealth

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OHMS Overview Corporate Brochure OHMS HIE Specification OHMS Private Cloud OHMS Healthcare Service Delivery

eHealth & IT SaaS


Salient Features

  • Healthcare Delivery System Case Management

  • Online EMR and PHR Management

  • Online GP Practice Management(PM)

  • Customization of features and workflow

  • Online Lab Information System (LIS)

  • Online Hospital Information System (HIMS)

  • Provider Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

  • Patient Healthcare Delivery by collaborating among networks of physician, lab, pharmacy and hospitals

  • Hospital Inventory and Warehouse management

  • Online Health Insurance Claims Management

  • Online Drug Inventory and dispensing by Pharmacy

  • Online drug advertising and sales analytics by pharmaceutical

  • Online DICOM PACS and RIS for radiologist

  • Secure Collaboration and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

  • Subscription based as well as licensed based deployment

  • It supports standard like ICD-10, CPT, DICOM PACS, RIS, HL7, HIPAA

  • No licensing cost and service charge.

Unique SaaS platform to perform the healthcare IT functions using patient EMR, EHR over web from anywhere at any point of time.

Single Stop Integrated Solution over the internet to bridge the necessary gap between doctors, patients, labs, pharmacy and hospitals.

Benefits of Doctor

  • Appointment and schedule management and online calender
  • Physician Practice management
  • ePrescription
  • Physician Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient EMR
  • Access to Patients radiology and lab test reports online
  • Remote Diagnosis with patient
  • Patient Status monitoring through messages and discussion forum
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Benefits of Diagnostic Lab

  • Online order management of lab tests
  • Online scheduling of tests for patient
  • Upload lab test results
  • Upload radiology test image and diagnosis
  • Collaboration with referring physician
  • Lab Test Referral management
  • Patient Billing and Payment
  • Report and Analysis Tool
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Benefits of Hospital

  • Hospital FrontDesk Administration
  • Hospital IPD Management
  • Ambulatory Care Management
  • Hospital OT Management
  • Diagnostic Lab and Pharmacy Management
  • Advanced Bed Management System
  • Patient Admission Discharge Transfer Management
  • Round the clock realtime tracking of patient progress, activity
  • Patient billing management system
  • Patient Insurance Claim Processing
  • Patient claim adjudication and Settlement
  • Advanced finance and accounting
  • Advanced purchasing and inventory management
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Benefits of Patient

  • Online appointment with doctors
  • Online Access to own EMR
  • Remote diagnosis with Doctor
  • Online access to lab record
  • Online order of prescription to pharmacy
  • Collaboration with physician
  • Remote Diagnosis and Trearment
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Benefits of Pharmacy

  • Online order management of Patient prescription
  • Status of drugs availability or delivery to patients, doctors
  • Drug Inventory Management
  • Billing
  • Tool to analyse drug sales
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Benefits of Radiologist

  • Patient management
  • Online order management of radiology tests
  • Online scheduling of test for patient
  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • Collaboration with referring physician
  • Report and Analysis Tool
  • Billing and Payment management
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Benefits of Insurance Payer

  • Patient Pre-authorization and Verification
  • Patient Claims Processing and Settlement
  • Interaction with Provider for better patient care
  • Patient claim adjudication and Settlement
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Benefits of Pharmaceutical

  • Online Drug Advertising
  • Monitoring Drug sales from Physician prescription
  • Monitoring Drug sales from Pharmacy Drug dispensation
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Benefits of Delivery Agent

  • Single point of Delivery of Patient Healthcare Service
  • Maintains the networks of Providers (Doctors, Lab, Pharmacy, Hospitals)
  • Providing Complete patient EMR at their disposal
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